Autoconnect FAQ

  1. Does Auto Connect Sales Inc, dealership in Peterborough, offer used car financing?YES. At Auto Connect Sales Inc, we want you to drive a car you love so we offer financial services to our clients. We are committed to finding you the most accommodating terms and most affordable rates because we are aware that your circumstances are special. Let us assist you in boarding the vehicle of your dreams. For your needs, we provide a variety of financing solutions.
  2. What Is A "Trade-In" Vehicle? A "trade-in" refers to the process of using the worth of your current car to pay for a new one at a car dealership. In other words, you are trading in your vehicle at the dealership for a new one.
  3. Is it necessary for me to have my trade-in assessed at a dealership? YES, IT CAN HELP TO GET YOU AN EXACT VALUE. Depending on various factors, your car might be worth more than the appraisal, but this cannot be determined until the dealership has completed a visual check and driven the car for a short distance to evaluate its mechanical condition.
  4. What are the benefits of booking a sales appointment at Auto Connect Sales Inc, dealership in Peterborough?IT WILL ALLOW YOU TO GET MORE INFO AND TEST DRIVE THE VEHICLE YOU ARE INTERESTED IN
  5. Can I test drive the car at Auto Connect Sales Inc, dealership in Peterborough? YES. At Auto Connect Sales Inc, we've always felt that the best way to determine whether a car is suited for you is to actually drive it. This is why we're making it simpler than ever for you to test drive a car on your own terms, whether that means scheduling a visit with us, having the vehicle delivered to your home so the entire family can experience it, or meeting at a location that's more convenient for you.
  6. Can I do the car inspection by a mechanic of my choice? YES. You can take the vehicle to a local mechanic of your choice for an inspection.